Review: Off With Their Heads – The King Blues

They’re back and pissed off again, and rightly so. The political motivation behind The King Blues latest 20 minute mini album is glaringly evident even by just looking at the album sleeve. Is that David Cameron’s severed head? Being held in the air by frontman Itch’s tattooed knuckles? It most definitely is, and it’s brilliant.

Never the shy retiring types, the album blasts into life with the eponymous Off With Their Heads. Having been involved with the filming of the video for this single, I can first-handedly confirm that this song on repeat alone (okay, maybe also a lot of alcohol) kept a basement of sweaty teenagers going mad for five hours straight. Do I inadvertently know every single word after that night? Yes. Do I still choose to listen to it? Hell yes.

The next track Starting Fires is more of a melodic venture, reminiscent of Punk & Poetry’s Set The World On Fire, and not just because of the name. It sits comfortably as a bridge between the teenage angst of Off With Their Heads and the cutesy ukulele driven Poems & Songs. The rest of the album follows suit, with the juxtaposition of anthems like Opposable Thumbs, and gentle piano ballad Words keeping up the pace.

Lyrically it’s perhaps not as strong or complex as their previous endeavors, and the length of the album definitely leaves you feeling slightly unfulfilled; but in the way that you’re still craving more King Blues angst as opposed to unsatisfied with their offerings. Fingers crossed for a follow up some time in the future.

Ultimately it’s not a breakthrough album, but it’s a solid comeback. Their live performances in support of Enter Shikari on their UK tour, however, have been quite phenomenal. Alexandra Palace, a suitable venue for the final tour date, saw them deservedly play to a crowd of 10,000, a large number of whom were screaming the classic lyrics of My Boulder and Save The World, Get The Girl back at them.

As of the same day, February 27th 2016, Jamie Jazz left the band stating “I have just simply come to a point in my life that my desires have changed; my goals in life have changed and what I want to achieve musically has changed and sadly those changes do not match up with being an active member of The King Blues anymore”. 

Jamie or no Jamie, the future is an exciting prospect for these Hackney comeback kids, and personally I can’t wait.

Watch the video for Off With Their Heads (and keep an eye out for me!) here:

Anna Smith


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