ISSUES – “Groping is what clubbing is for, right?”

In my experience a small minority of (to avoid generalising) men take clubbing as an excuse to re-instate their twisted ideals of a patriarchal society. This is a prominent problem in the house music scene, as the dancefloor turns into what can be described only as an oversaturated meat market in the eyes of lads in Primark beaters, Red Stripe in hand, breeding unwanted advances in abundance. Why is it that loud music and alcohol still drown out morals and consent?

I’m not belittling men for this situation, and similarly don’t start shouting ‘neofeminist’ at me; mostly because neofeminism doesn’t exist. The term feminism has been thrown about and pejorated to become something no longer synonymous with equality, partially due to more recent self righteous and self titled ‘Meninists’* who are intimidated by the new wave empowerment of women. (It hasn’t even been 100 years since women won the vote, that counts as new wave still, right?)

In many situations where gender bias is an issue I refrain from playing the blame game, but when a male friend of mine, who’s brain was obviously cryogenically preserved in the 1800s, asked “Why do girls let guys grope them in clubs? Why don’t they respect themselves?”. I was left speechless for the first time since I found out my parents voted Conservative.

This implies that firstly women consent to these unexpected advances. How can they consent to something they can’t control? That’s like telling society to consent to Kanye West being a massive dick; we would probably choose not to but he’s going to be a massive dick regardless. Secondly, that to respect ourselves women are not allowed to act sexually liberated in the same way that men do.

This all falls back to the age old ‘if she’s out clubbing in a tiny dress, she’s asking for it’, which I can personally dispute (should I even have to?). It doesn’t just stop at girls dressed provocatively – and I mean provocative in the sense that they’re dressing to look good for themselves, not middle-age balding predators in suit jackets and jeans – I’ve been clubbing in outfits that cover the entirety of my legs/whole arms/ I’ve even been clubbing in Doc Martens and a jumper (unexpected turn of a pub night out), and yet I have still had parts of my body I would rather keep to myself grabbed from all angles (to my parents who I’m sure are reading this, don’t worry, I give a good slap). I’m pretty sure if you threw a girl out there with a Robin Hood Men In Tights-esque chastity belt on a few lads would still give it a solid try.


*The internet seems a little confused about Meninists, claiming “Meninist believe in the true equality of the genders while feminism, by definition advocates the separation of the genders by perpetuating a made up patriarchy and claiming to be a victim.” whilst simultaneously claiming “Meninism is a mockery of feminism and proves that we can’t request equality without white men making everything about themselves. It’s “Oppressed” white guys think that feminism is a threat to their masculinity.”

Firstly, “perpetuating a made up patriarchy and claiming to be a victim.” Is this real?

Secondly, I need no second point.


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